Welcome to the official website for the Association of Independent Miniature Horse Clubs New Zealand Incorporated.

This association has been created to support Miniature Horse Clubs within New Zealand that enable local people to get together and enjoy their miniature horses and have the benefits of affiliating with a national association.  Our focus is on the Clubs rather than on the individual.

Our aims are to:-

  • to grow the Association through the creation of local clubs that provide regular opportunities for local like minded people with miniature horses to get together

  • promulgate a cohesive national education programme to educate miniature horse owners and handlers on the care and wellbeing of the miniature horse

  • provide a health and safety programme for Affiliated Clubs to use that will enable them to meet regulatory and legislative requirements

  • provide an umbrella public liability insurance for all affiliated clubs

  • hold national competitions and team events that affiliated club members can attend and participate in

  • create Halls of Excellence to recognise and award long term success

  • foster a supportive and sportsmanlike environment to put the fun and camaraderie back into miniature horses and showing

  • promote team events and activities as well as individual achievement awards

  • implement halter class typing to ensure that all types of miniature horses can be enjoyed and shown equally

  • provide assistance and support for our Affiliated Clubs

  • run a national show


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