AIMHCNZ Performance Challange

This competition is open to AIMHCNZ registered horses only and is to encourage those with performance horses to bring them out.

All horses competing in performance classes are automatically entered and awarded points throughout the show season if the owner is a member of an affiliated club. There is no additional entry fee and it is a National Club Competition as well as an Individual Competition.

Horses must be 3 years of actual age or older.

Height categories A, B & C are combined for this challenge.

Prize Pool for this season is $850 and will be given for the following:

Overall Club team winner – $200 which goes to your club

Overall North Island Individual winner – $100

Overall South Island Individual winner – $100

Jumping Individual nationwide  – 1st $75 – 2nd $50 – 3rd $25

Trail Individual nationwide  – 1st $75 – 2nd $50 – 3rd $25

Long Reigning / Harness Individual nationwide  – 1st $75 – 2nd $50 – 3rd $25

For the club challenge, the best 3 placings from each club in each performance discipline counted will be put forward from each qualifying show.

Irrespective of the number of shows that you enter, your points will be counted from your top 5 Shows including either the AIMHCNZ Inc National Extravaganza Show or the AIMHCNZ Championship Show. For the Club Competition, your AIMHCNZ club will nominate you for their club. Those of you who are a member of more than one club please let your AIM club representative know that you would like to represent their club. This cannot be changed in one season unless the horse is sold, or leased to someone else, then the new owner or lessee will be able to nominate a new club.

  • The horse owner or lessee must be a member of an AIMHCNZ affiliated club to qualify for points.
  • For a horse owned by a Syndicate to qualify for points, the Syndicate must be a member of an AIMHCNZ Affiliated Club.
  • For a horse owned jointly by two or more parties to qualify for points, all the owners must be members of an AIMHCNZ Affiliated Club.
  • All points will be awarded in the horse owner’s name.
  • Where a horse is leased, a lease document must be lodged with the AIMHCNZ Registrar for the points to be awarded in the leasees name.
  • The AIMHCNZ Inc National show or the AIMHCNZ Championship show and AIMHCNZ Inc Affiliated Club shows that are approved as Hi-Point shows, (HP), count towards this competition.

Points are scaled as follows:

1 Horse in the class – 1st = 1 point2 Horses in the class – 1st = 2 points, 2nd = 1 point

2 Horses in the class – 1st = 2 points, 2nd = 1 point

3 Horses in the class – 1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point

4 Horses or more in the class – 1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1 point

*5 Horses or more in the class – 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 point, 5th = 1 point

*Only applies to top five at the National Show &/or Championship Show

Champions (or equivalent) = 5 points, Runner up Champions (or equivalent) = 3 points

The Champion place getter will be awarded one more point for their combined class/champion points than the Reserve Champion who placed behind, regardless of the numbers of horses in their class.

Points are based on a two tier point’s model. Where an automatic champion or reserve champion occurs the horse will earn its place points plus its champion or reserve champion points.

Points earned at an approved AIMHCNZ Inc National Extravaganza Show is rated double points; AIMHCNZ Championship Show rated 1.5; all other shows are rated 1, unless otherwise notified by AIMHCNZ.

Ties are subject to a count back. Order of placings is decided by the number of Champions, then number of Runner up Champions, then number of first places etc. Where there is no way to separate the horses on points, a tied place will be awarded.

Classes to count:

  • Harness – Novice and open (paced and mannered or similar) or combined* classes or Roadster
  • Long reining – Novice and open or combined* classes
  • Trail – Novice and open. Does not include introductory or combined* classes
  • Hunter/Jumper – Novice and open. Does not include introductory or combined* classes

Fault and out, 4 bar, cones, dressage or any other classes deemed as novelty by the Hi-Point committee will not be counted.

*Combined being combining of height categories.