Halls of excellence

Mare/FillyTrailTurn out
(Including Long Reining)
NZ Bred
Super Senior

A horse or handlers points from qualifying classes at approved shows accumulate from year to year; the points never expire.

Milestones are recognised with unique lapel pins awarded at the AIMHCNZ annual prize giving. Results will be published annually in alphabetical order in each category.

Achievement Levels include:

  • Emerald – 50 points achieved
  • Sapphire – 125 points achieved
  • Ruby – 200 points achieved
  • Diamond – 300 points achieved
Halls of excellence pins

Categories include Mare, Gelding, Stallion, NZ Bred, Super Senior, Colour, Best presented (Not harness best presented), Showmanship, Jumping, Pleasure Driving, Long Reining, Trail, Masters and Youth Handler.

Open to AIMHCNZ registered horses only.

The horse owner or leasees must be a member of an AIMHCNZ affiliated club to qualify for points.

Joint or Syndicated Horse ownership

  • For a horse owned by a Syndicate to qualify for points in an AIMHCNZ competition or awards scheme, the Syndicate must be a member of an AIMHCNZ Affiliated Club.
  • For a horse owned jointly by two or more parties to qualify for points in an AIMHCNZ competition or awards scheme, all the owners must be members of an AIMHCNZ Affiliated Club.

All points will be awarded in the horse owner’s name.

Where a horse is leased, a lease document must be lodged with the AIMHCNZ Registrar for the points to be awarded in the leasees name.

Handlers must be a member of an AIMHCNZ affiliated Club to gain points in handler classes.

Entry is automatic and points are collected during the show season.

All AIMHCNZ Inc National shows, the AIMHCNZ Championship Show and AIMHCNZ Inc Affiliated Club shows that are approved as Halls of Excellence shows, (HE), count towards the Halls of Excellence points.

Points are scaled as follows:

1 Horse in the class – 1st = 1 point
2 Horses in the class – 1st = 2 points, 2nd = 1 point
3 Horses in the class – 1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point
4 Horses or more in the class – 1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1 point
*5 Horses or more in the class – 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points,. 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 point, 5th = 1 point
*Only applies to top five at the National Show only

Champions (or equivalent) = 5 points, Reserve Champions (or equivalent) = 3 points

The Champion place getter will be awarded one more point for their combined class/champion points than the Reserve Champion who placed behind, regardless of the numbers of horses in their class.

Breed Supremes (or equivalent) = 8 points, Runner up Breed Supremes (or equivalent) = 6 points

Points are based on a three-tier point’s model. Where an automatic champion or reserve champion occurs the horse will earn its place points plus it’s champion or reserve champion points.

Points earned at an approved AIMHCNZ Inc National Extravaganza Show will earn double points; the AIMHCNZ Championship Show 1 ½ points, all other shows are rated x1point, unless otherwise notified by AIMHCNZ. There is no limit on the number of shows which may be counted per season.

If a colt/stallion is gelded, the points accumulated as a colt/stallion remain in that Hall of Excellence. The horse starts accumulating points again in the Gelding Hall of Excellence.

  • Pleasure Harness – Novice and open, does not include combined classes
  • Long reining – Novice and open or combined classes
  • Trail – Novice and open classes, does not include introductory or combined classes
  • Hunter/Jumper – Novice and open, does not include introductory, combined or height classes

Fault and Out, 4 Bar, cones, dressage or any other classes deemed as novelty by the Hi-Point committee will not be counted.

Handler points will be awarded from the highest points gained from one horse and handler combination only at each show

Club reporting responsibilities

Clubs must supply a copy of their current membership lists, and Hi-Point Show results to the Hi-Point Co-ordinator/s within a month after the show, as required during the show season. The joining date of new members should also be provided so the Hi-Points Co-ordinator knows when valid points have been earned. Points will only be collected for AIMHCNZ affiliated club members that are recorded on these membership lists.