AIMHCNZ Inc will use the following height categories at AIMHCNZ Inc events and shows:-

Height Categories

Category A

Foals and Weanlings must not exceed 76cm (30") in height

Yearlings must not exceed 81.5cm (32") in height

Two year olds must not exceed 84cm (33") in height

Three years old and over shall not exceed 86.50cm (34") in height

Category B

Foals and Weanlings must be over 76cm (30") and over and not exceed 84cm (33")

Yearlings must be over 81.5cm (32") and not exceed 91.50cm (36")

Two year olds must be over 84cm (33") and not exceed 94cm (37")

Three year olds and over must be over 86.50cm (34") and not exceed 96.50cm (38")

Category C

Foals and Weanlings must be over 84cm (33") and not exceed 91.50 (36")

Yearlings must be over 91.50cm (36") and not exceed 96.50cm (38")

Two year olds must be over 94cm (37") and not exceed 102cm (40")

Three year olds and over be over 96.5cm (38") and not exceed 107cm (42")


General Information

Height for age for horses commences as at 1st August with the exception of imported horses whose height for age is calculated from the actual birth date.

Horses are measured at the last mane hair

Any horse exceeding the Category C height for age requirements may not be shown

Horses will be measured as follows: - 25/9/2016

  • Foals and Yearling measures are valid from 1st September until 31st December. After 31st December a foal measure is valid for three months

  • Two and three year old measures are valid from 1st September until 31st March. If the horse is measured after 31st March the measure is valid for six months

  • Four years and over measures are valid from 1st September until 31st August each year

Affiliated Clubs - 29th August 2018

Affiliated Clubs are responsible for implementing the measuring policy in accordance with the AIM measuring policy and procedure. 

Any height certificate issued by an AIMHCNZ Inc Affiliated Club is accepted at any Affiliated Club event provided it has not expired.  A height recorded on a valid RAS height certificate may also be recognised. 

If a person considers a horse is not entered into the correct height category or exceeds height for age, they can protest in accordance with the show rules.

Affiliated Clubs are encouraged to provide measuring or height verification services at their club days, measuring days and shows.  Clubs organise their own measuring to suit their Club requirements

AIMHCNZ Inc events or shows

Any height certificate issued by an AIMHCNZ Inc Affiliated Club is accepted at any AIMHCNZ Inc event provided it has not expired.  A height recorded on a valid RAS height certificate is also recognised.   

The Show Manager and/or the Ring Steward reserves the right to height verify any horse entered in the competition.

If a competitor considers a horse is not entered into the correct height category or exceeds height for age, they can protest in accordance with the show rules.

Anyone without a current height certificate shall be measured at the event or show and a height certificate issued.

If there is an excess of 12 horses in a class, the class may be broken down into further height divisions at the discretion of the show manager.


AIMHCNZ Inc Measuring Policy

  1. Measuring will be available at any Affiliated Club and at shows and events to Cat A, B and C horses.

  2. Measuring will be carried out as per the measuring procedure

  3. To ensure consistency, measuring must be conducted using an AIMHCNZ Inc approved stick.  These are the Dobbin brand and must measure up to 42".  Measuring sticks are available from Jesterfield.  Note:  updated 10/2/2018

  4. A common height certificate will be adopted by AIMHCNZ Inc and the Affiliated Clubs

  5. The height will be recorded on the card in inches and centimetres

  6. With the exception of life measures, height certificates will expire in accordance with the dates printed on the height certificate

  7. A life measure may be obtained for any horse over 7 years old.  The measure must be documented as a Life Measure on the height card and the measurer and witness must sign off the measure.  A copy of the card is sent to the Registrar so that the registry can be updated.   If the horse already has a life measure this will be accepted on provision of proof

  8. AIMHCNZ Inc and Affiliated Clubs will accept each other's height certificates along with any other approved organisation's current and valid height certificates

  9. Any Affiliated Club may measure any other Affiliated Club member's horses

  10. Affiliated Clubs will appoint at least two measurers and two witnesses to measure on behalf of their Affiliated Club.  These people may be members of the Affiliated Club, of another Affiliated Club or an AIMHCNZ Inc Governor

  11. Measurers and witness must receive training before they can measure on behalf of the Affiliated Club

  12. To avoid conflicts of interest, measurers and witness shall not measure their own horses (either fully owned or owned in partnership) or those that they have bred, have in training or in care or on lease.  Measurers and witnesses shall not measure any horse presented by one of their own family or anyone with whom they have a business relationship.

  13. Affiliated Clubs will arrange their own measuring days, venues and times and may provide measuring in conjunction with any other third party for the sake of convenience.

  14. Should a height not be accepted by the owner/handler after the horse has been measured in accordance with the measuring procedure, the date of the measure must be recorded on the height certificate without the measurement.

  15. A re-measure may not occur within 28 days of the horse being measured.

  16. A height verification may be carried out within the 28 day period.  The verification is not recorded on the height certificate.

  17. Affiliated Clubs will maintain records of measuring activities.

  18. The minimum cost of a measure is $5 per horse.  The Affiliated Clubs, at their discretion, may add an additional sum to cover expenses

  19. $2 of each measure will be returned to AIMHCNZ Inc.  This is returned to AIMHCNZ Inc along with the annual membership fee which is due on or before 31st March

AIMHCNZ Inc Measuring Procedure

  1. The designated measuring area must be a hard, flat surface.  A level may be used to verify that the ground is flat.  The area in which the horse is to stand must be marked out or defined clearly.

  2. A measurer and witness appointed by the Show Manager must carry out the measure, and, if the measure is due to a protest, it must be carried out in the presence of the Protest Committee

  3. The horse must be set square within the designated area

  4. The fore legs and hind legs may not be spread unnaturally or stretched so that the horse stands incorrectly

  5. The head must be presented at a natural level for the horse as it stands with a loose rein.  It may not be tucked down or raised to an elevated position in order to alter the height.  The owner/handler may not adopt a position that may influence the horse to alter its natural head position

  6. Horses are measured at the last mane hair.  The last hair of the mane is identified by the measurer and confirmed by the witness

  7. The measuring stick must be straight as confirmed with a level bubble, with the end on the floor

  8. The measurer must not push the stick down hard on the horse's back in order to make the back give

  9. No person or persons present must act in any way in order to upset the horse.  Any person causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the area.

  10. The measurer and the witness confirm the position of the stick.  The measurer reads out the height.  The witness confirms this is correct.  The height is documented.

  11. If the owner/handler is unhappy with the first height recorded, then the horse will be measured twice more and an average taken between all three documented heights.  The second measure will be taken from the other side of the horse.

  12. Should a second measure be required, the horse may, at the owner/handler's discretion be walked in a small circle and bought back into the designated measuring area. 

  13. The horse must not leave the designated area until the second and third measures are recorded.

  14. The average of all three measures is deemed to be the correct measure and will apply for the duration of the show.

  15. The horse must stand quietly while being measured. 

  16. If a measure is not able to be conducted due to the behaviour of the horse the Show Manager will be called in to assess the horse and make a decision on which Category and class the horse may be shown in.  If the measure is due to a protest, then the Protest Committee will decide whether the horse can continue to show and in which category.

  17. Any horse exceeding the Category C height for age requirements will not be permitted to show.

  18. If the owner/handler disagrees with the Show Manager or Protest Committee they have the option of withdrawing their horse from the show.


AIMHCNZ Inc Height Verification Procedure

Horses may, at the Show Manager's discretion, be height verified prior to the start of the show. 

To carry out a height verification, horses must report to the designated measuring area.

The stick is set at the maximum height for age for that category and the horses are passed under the stick.  Any horse that exceeds the height for age and does not pass the height verification must be measured in accordance with the Measuring Policy to ascertain its true height for age.

A height certificate is issued.  This can be just a show height certificate valid for the duration of the show or a normal height certificate.